Teddy Roosevelt, Jr.

One of the books I got for Christmas was An Army at Dawn by Rick Atkinson, and I’m only partway through it. One of the key characters so far is Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. At first glance, I thought “nepotism”, but though he may have struggled in his father’s shadow, he certainly didn’t let it slow him down.

An incomplete list of his accomplishments:

  • Commanded the 26th Infantry in WW1
  • Helped found the American Legion
  • Assistant Secretary of the Navy
  • Governor of Puerto Rico
  • Governor-general of the Philippines
  • Chairman of American Express
  • Vice president of Doubleday Publishing

He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross during WW1 and posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor in 1944, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Right now in the book, Roosevelt is second-in-command of the U.S. 1st Infantry Division, under Major General Terry Allen, and Operation Torch is meeting with disaster in Oran.

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    1. Whoops – never mind. I missed the “jr.” This is what I get for not reading carefully enough.

  1. Between the wars, Teddy, jr., and his brother were involved in some unofficial intelligence stuff in Central Asia. A good account (and virtually the only interesting part of the book) is found in Tournament of Shadows by Meyer and Brysac.

  2. Teddy Roosevelt was always remembered well by us…I say us when I refer to the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry (BLUE SPADERS!!!)

    He was honored as one of the previous regimental commanders (he commanded twice..once in WW 1 and again after mobilization in 1941).

    He was a graduate of the Plattsburgh Training camp. His initital commissioning had some political influence but he staid active in the reserves between the wars. I believe he also completed CGSC.

    He and Terry Allen may not have had the best handle on the situation with The BRO but both would still go on to give great service.

    I thought Henry Fonda as Teddy in The Longest Day was perfect casting!

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