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This time, to post the things you like least, or hate, or pet peeves, or whatever you like to call them. Here are my Top Ten of Things I Really Do Not Like™:

  1. People with a shopping cart full of groceries in the 10 items or less lane. No explanations necessary.
  2. Left lane vigilantes. It is not their job to dictate how fast I can go. If I want a ticket I will by God earn it!

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Go see the whole list. And leave YOUR pet peeves in the comments, here and there.

7 thoughts on “Under My Skin « Sithy Things”

  1. People who deduct IQ points when they hear a Southern accent.

    History months.
    In this same category is anyone who still thinks there is a glass ceiling for any minority out there. “The MAN” can’t hold you back if you work hard enough. If he somehow is, get out and go work for yourself.

    When I say something, and then my child (usually Mini-me) asks a question afterwards that makes it pretty obvious that they weren’t paying the least bit of attention.

    Early school dismissals.

    Getting written up at work for bad housekeeping during safety inspections. They have to write you up for *something* or it looks like they aren’t doing their job.

  2. Prius drivers (the exception being my Mother). They’re to fracking busy watching their display to watch the road.

    Intolerant liberals. They want to save the world but they can’t stand the sight of a couple of guys in a bar wearing CAT and John Deere hats on without assuming they must be redneck racists.

    Parents who insist on trying to tell emtheir kid is the best two or three year old around. They’re wrong. My daughter is but I’m not going to go around telling everyone that. Oops damn!

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