Man-Card Infraction

I’m a little ashamed to admit that I finally got around to watching The Boondock Saints.

**lightly bends a corner of man-card**

So, what’s your worst man-card infraction?

Ladies, what’s your worst girl-card infraction (or your husband’s worst man-card infraction)?

18 thoughts on “Man-Card Infraction”

  1. Just out of curiosity, what’s wrong with Boondock Saints?

    Only way I can come up with a man card infraction out of that is if you didn’t like it.

    1. Brad, what’s wrong with the text in your Gravatar? I’m pretty sure that’s not the right Latin text for “Winter is Coming.”

      Stupid doggies …

    2. M1A1 – It’s nice to see that at least SOME doggies have kept up with their education, even if Brad hasn’t …

      (Of course, I’m guessing that you must have just watched HBO, since it’s an article of faith in the Navy that literacy is a disqualifer for service in the Army.)

  2. After a review by the officials, the man card infraction has been overturned. An infraction would have occurred had Brad foregone seeing Boondocks Saints in favor of seeing The Notebook (or any equivalent chick flick) without the promise of vomitus. (3 Man Card Infractions s12 at 2)

    My worst man card infraction was probably revealing my knowledge (since lost) of sheets and linens designers and styles. My only defense was I had just spent the last six months selling them on commission, and it just came out.

  3. I have The Monkees “Day Dream Believer” on my IPod.

    Also, The Royal Guardsmen’s “Snoopy’s Christmas”.

    I know…sad.

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