Christmas loot

For Christmas, I received “The Archbishop Wore Combat Boots” in hardback and both “An Army at Dawn” and “The Day of Battle” by Rick Atkinson on my Kindle.  I started with “An Army at Dawn”, and it makes me want to visit Gibraltar.  One of my brothers-in-law was reading “The Day of Battle” over Christmas, so we had a good discussion of Patton while cleaning up after dinner.  I’m sure one of those, if not all three, will lead to blog fodder in the coming days.

Any nice presents you want to share, good books or otherwise?

9 thoughts on “Christmas loot”

  1. I received a Nook Color from Santa, thus relieving me of the stress of making a decision over the Color or the Kindle Fire. I also got some Sithy Lewt (you can see a pic at my blog), and CHOCOLATE!!

    1. Damn, almost forgot this part: Aggie, if you want some REAL fun with that Nook, go to Amazon and look for the Nook2Android card. You drop it in the card reader slot, and then you’ve got a fully functional Android tablet, pre-loaded with almost every app you’ll ever need (including the Nook & Kindle apps, plus Aldiko which is a much better reader software), as well as access to the Android market for any app you need but don’t already have.

      It’s incredibly simple – you literally just put it in the slot and turn the Nook on – and it doesn’t void your warranty. You want to go back to being just a plain Nook? Turn it off and take the card out. Simple as that.

      This card was the whole reason I bought a Nook Color in the first place, and it’s been COMPLETELY worth it. Just make sure that the card comes from the vendor named N2A – there’s knockoffs that (theoretically) do the same thing, but N2A actually has support on the off chance that you need it.

  2. I got spiffy new tactical cases for my AR-15 and Beretta 92FS, some neat electronic noise-cancelling hearing protection, and a new i7 laptop, since my HP died on me.

    Also, my mother in law got me a giant sock monkey. For some reason she seems to think that I hate and fear sock monkeys. I’m really not sure where this idea came from, but I’m humoring her.

  3. Got a National Match M-1 Garand chambered in .308. Sitting position, 150 yards, sixteen rounds in a group the size of a teacup.

    Good for zombies and Pakistani UN enforcers that Obama will invite in to enforce the Small Arms Treaty.

    1. I’mma hang out with you. Though I’m actually not a huge fan of .308 Garands. I’m guessing its a new-build, not a surplus Navy conversion? What the heck did the squids call those? Mk….?

    2. Brad – you can buy them that way from Springfield Armory, brand new production. You can even get a Garand in .308 that uses M14 magazines – and I’m not talking about the M1A.

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