Outside the Wire

We, like every other soldier, have long had fun at the Air Force’s expense. It’s almost like they’re a real armed service! Almost!

But the fact is, there have always been some folks in the Air Force who don’t live in cushy barracks, who don’t eat out of dining halls that look like Morton’s, that in fact, have dangerous jobs. Especially since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began, members of the Air Force security forces have been doing hazardous duty, often alongside their Army and Marine Corps counterparts.

This video from the Secretary of the Air Force shows a training initiative designed to help airmen survive on the battlefield, and bring the strengths of airpower to bear.


3 thoughts on “Outside the Wire”

  1. On an average year, United Airlines kills more people by accident than the US Air Force kills on purpose.

    But yeah, we still humor them and pretend they’re a branch. 😀

  2. During Vietnam it was evident that Air Police (later became Security Police) needed to get out of the Cold War “base defense” mindset, and receive more combat training. Something was hastily thrown together and we proved ourselves well during Tet. My son in law, who is currently in Security Forces, indicated that they moved away from that training and had to push it again for Iraq and Afghanistan.

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