Designer of B-52 plane dies – Times Union

On a Friday in 1948, six aeronautical designers from the Boeing Co. holed up in a hotel suite in Dayton, Ohio. They stayed put until Monday morning, except for the one who left to visit a hobby shop and returned with balsa wood, glue, carving tools and silverĀ paint.

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That the B-52 is still a key weapon in our arsenal is a testament to its fundamentally sound design.

Of course, today’s B-52 is a lot like George Washington’s hatchet that he used on the cherry tree- they’ve changed the head once, and the handle twice, but it’s the same hatchet!

So many parts have been updated and replaced on the B-52, just about the only original part is the control wheel.

someone's about to get Excedrin headache B-52

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  1. It’s the same basic airframe that LeMay took delivery of back in the 50s. Most of the good stuff is in better engines and electronics. It isn’t the 8 engine smokepole it used to be, and that’s a very good thing.

    It’s Soviet counterpart, the Bear, is still flying as well.

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