Succession in North Korea

I’m hearing rumors that Kim Jong Il, the despotic ruler of North Korea, is dead.

Update: AP calls it. 

Having assumed the reigns of power in North Korea from his father, he has in recent years attempted to position his own son as his successor. Whether those steps will be successful remains to be seen. There are significant factions of the North Korean leadership who may decide that the time has come for a new direction. ¬†That doesn’t mean they have any intention of making the nation a liberal democracy. Just that they want their chance at being in charge.

It will be interesting to see what happens. Given the current administration’s maladroitness in foreign policy, I’m not optimistic about how well they’ll handle this challenge.


4 thoughts on “Succession in North Korea”

  1. I have tremendous faith in the Obama Administration’s ability to do just the worst possible job of handling a very critical affair of state. Doubtless Hillary will give them a reset button, or something equally clever.

    1. It would be nice if Vice President Biden attended the funeral, and he was asked to lead their country. And he said yes. A win-win, IMHO.

      Dear Leader’s Comfort Joy platoon hardest hit.

  2. Bin Laden, Gadafi, now L’il Kim?

    This has actually been a pretty good year for dead foreign scumbags. I’m doing my happy dance.

    Only regret: that L’il Kim didn’t go out from lead poisoning like the other two.

    Castro, Chavez: you’ve got almost two weeks left until the end of the year. C’mon, guys, you can do it!

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