Soldier steps back in time to reenlist – CNN iReport

Reenlistment is a special moment for a Soldier, as well as those who serve alongside. It is a conscious decision to extend one’s term of service to the Nation and make a commitment to the profession of arms and the sacrifices that come with that profession.


Reenlistments have been done in many ways from simple ceremonies in the workplace to the ramp of an aircraft before a parachute jump.


For one U.S. Army Benelux Soldier reenlistment was an opportunity to show that commitment and dedication of a U.S. Soldier in a place that epitomizes the sacrifices of Soldiers everywhere.

via Soldier steps back in time to reenlist – CNN iReport.

All of my reenlistments took place in mundane locations. Which, that’s fine with me. Part of the deal was that as soon as you took the oath, you got the rest of the day off. Why waste time in transit from some location?

On the otter heiney, taking the oath in such a historic place, on such a historic day- that’s pretty cool.


(for our non-Europhile readers, the Benelux is shorthand for Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg)