Do. Not. Want.


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Incredibly, I never did get a Bradley stuck in the mud. I’ve been in a rollover. But that’s pretty easy to fix (as long as no one gets hurt). Never got an M113 stuck either. In fact, the closest I came to being stuck was a HUMVEE on slick mud. Wasn’t really in a ditch, just that the mud was so slick, the truck couldn’t get ANY traction.

Oh, and I busted a driveshaft on a CUCV on a muddy road. That was unpleasant. Had to drive back to the laager in “front wheel drive” with the shaft held up with a cargo strap.


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  1. No fun, that. One of our tanks shed a track at Ft. Campbell during a weekend FTX with the Puking Buzzards. It happened in a really bad position and it took three hours to get it back on. Even our 88 couldn’t help much because of the position of the tank when it happened. At least it wasn’t have in a mud hole when it happened.

  2. I did in AIT on the driving course. There was a mudpit at the bottom of a small hill and I hit that thing at full speed. Tidal wave of brown water drenched me, driving with my hatch open, and even sprayed my TC. Took 2 88s to pull it out and I got to stand by a warming fire with my CO, 1SG and a couple of senior drills. Not where I wanted to be.

  3. Stuck an ITV in Hohenfels in 1982. Took 2 M578 to pull it out.

    Best I saw like this was when 3/69 AR at FT Stewart in JAN 88 attacked in the northeast section of the post on a division exercise…and all of the brand new M1 tanks bogged down in a marshy field. The 92d ENGR BN had to build cuordory roads for the M88s to daisy chain to pull tem out. Took almost 2 full weeks to unstuck 35 tanks. The most embarassing part for them was when all of their MIELS lights started blinking…they were charging right into our Echo Company….20 dug in ITVs.

    1. Craig’s working his way through all our artillery, and eventually AT guns, which will lead to a discussion of tank destoryers… which will eventually lead to the ITV.

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