A Single Neck Injection Could Cure PTSD

What if doctors could cure post-traumatic stress disorder with a single injection to the neck? One Chicago-area doctor claims he can, and has finally convinced someone in the Pentagon to give the idea a shot. And Danger Room has learned that some in the Navy believe the approach might actually work.

via A Single Neck Injection Could Cure PTSD.

I’m dubious, at best. There’s an interesting disucssion in the comments regarding whether this treatment, even if it does have the effects claimed, is only treating the symptoms, and not the underlying causes.

Having said that, if a more effective treatment for severe cases of PTSD can be found, the services have a moral obligation to pursue it.

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  1. I’m extremely dubious. Sounds like snake oil to me. But hell, check it out. Stranger things have panned out before.

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