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84mm Carl Gustav Recoilless Rifle

“It was mostly on my last deployment, which was in the Samara providence and we were doing a call out.”  They would “have a terp tell everyone in the house to come out, and if they didn’t, then they were assumed to be hostile. So it would start with a long talk then a nine banger, then a frag to the side of the house, followed by more talking, then a few 203s on the side of  the house, then some more talking, then finally we said, okay we are going to kill everyone in the house in a few minutes.”  This is called escalation of force, if the terrorists don’t surrender themselves then we escalate the level of violence until they comply.  “So here comes the goose. First we started with an HEDP round into windows or through doors (the goose is an amazingly accurate weapon, I had no problem putting a round through a window at 600 meters) but later we decided we wanted to use TP rounds (which are basically just 84 mm rounds with cement inside) to knock the doors off, then hit up the house with thermobarics. On these occasions, which were several, the damage was large enough to not follow up on the house for any Bomb Damage Assessment or anything of the sort.  We would just leave and assume whatever little punks were in the house were all dead. I would say I’ve shot somewhere around 500 rounds out of the goose from TP, HE, HEDP, HEAT, smoke, flechette, thermobaric and all are extremely accurate and serve their purpose.  Flechette is by far the most interesting, as it shoots out little nails and is strictly anti-personnel but will jack your world up.”

via Tank Snipers! | Kit Up!.

It’s about time the regular units of the Army got their hands on these. They fill a nice niche between the short range M72 LAW and the long rang (and expensive) Javelin missile system.