CQB-Close Quarters Battle

Normally, CQB is thought of as “indoors” but this clip shows that firefights in the wide open spaces can take place at extremely short ranges.

Also, don’t piss off the Rangers.


Via Weasel Zippers.

4 thoughts on “CQB-Close Quarters Battle”

  1. Did the Rangers use some sort of light on their rifles? Or was that the heat of the bullets? (Sound wasn’t working on my puter right now).

  2. I didn’t get any sound either, and I have mine all the way up.

    It appears that two things were going on. I could tell when they fired because you could see the intermittent trace of hot powder residue expanding behind what appeared to be a brief high speed flash ahead of the powder residue. I think they may have some sort of illumination as well. I wouldn’t think it would be visible light as that would make them easy targets. Laser sights, perhaps, but can’t tell for sure.

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