Roamy’s crap tree

I have a new crap tree for this year. (Go see Innocent Bystanders if you don’t know what I’m talking about.) Last year was The Tree That Came To Dinner, which got me thinking that I did like a taller tree than our usual artificial tree. One Lowe’s sale later, and voila!

This was a pre-lit tree and the first one I’d ever owned with LED lights. When we first plugged it in, I thought, “Shields down 40%, Captain!” I am grateful for Mr. RFH installing a dimmer switch so they are easier on my eyes now.

I think what really resonates with the original Crap Tree post for me, is the idea that a Nice Tree is pretty enough to look at but bland.

One photo, seven memories all right there.  Mom had a tradition of getting at least one new ornament every year, so the reindeer family at the top is ours for this year, a gift from a co-worker.  The frosted ones are gifts from my stepmom and Rocketboy’s buddy when he was in 2nd grade.  The cow ornament was from Mr. RFH’s sister.  The diamond-shaped one with the candy cane is one I inherited from Mom.  The apple was from a little tabletop tree another co-worker was getting rid of.  Last but not least the little angel in the lower left and the candy cane turned sideways in the upper right were ones I painted for a Christmas early in our marriage.

Why would I trade my memories for Martha Stewart’s?

Did I say how much I love handmade ornaments?  My mother-in-law gave us several woodcut ornaments from an artist in southwest Virginia.  Delicate but beautiful.

Now to bake some more Christmas cookies and maybe a Kahlua cake.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.

4 thoughts on “Roamy’s crap tree”

  1. This tree is gorgeous, and so much history wrapped up in its branches! I’m still digging out old ornaments and kids’ ornamentals and what-nots to place on mine. I hope to have a pic at my blog on it this week.

  2. Sweet Saturn 5, but what’s the purple job? It’s not a Mars Snoop, is it an oldie from Centurion?

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