Apollo Launch

Since Roamy posted the long video of the pad cameras for the shuttle launches, I guess it’s only fair I post a similar vid of the Apollo/Saturn V launches. Sadly, no sound, but still pretty impressive.


Question for you smart folks… when you look at the exhaust plume of the F-1 engines, there’s a short portion right at the bottom of the nozzle that isn’t bright at all, and then it turns to the expected bright, flamelike exhaust. Why is that?

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  1. I could hardly see what you were talking about, although I remember it. The problem I was having with the clip is caused, I think, by the aliasing that occurs when the film is digitized. I was finally able to see it about 25:30.

    I think the phenomenon is caused by incomplete mixing in the combustion chamber. At the nozzle the mixture is exiting at such a velocity it takes about 6-8′ to finally ignite in the presence of atmospheric oxygen, or it is finally getting mixed with the oxidizer sufficiently to finally ignite. You can see a small tongue of flame just below the nozzle, so it is burning in the chamber, and would have to be expelled at sufficient velocity to actually propel the rocket. The pumps themselves can’t supply sufficient momentum to cause liftoff.

    That’s my guess. Someone else may know, rather than have to speculate.

  2. I would love to watch, but ATT and their dang 150 GB monthly bandwidth cap doesn’t allow for that. Now I have to ration what we watch on-line. Jerks. Forget that. They have crossed over completely in total jackass territory.

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