How in one FbF can you do justice to a ship with 20 Battle Stars like the USS O’BANNON (DD-450)? 17 in WWII (second only to USS ENTERPRISE (CV-6) ), and three in Korea.

via CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday.

It’s a sea story that really should start “TINS…”

Go read the whole thing.

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  1. Since for some reason I can’t post over there, I’ll just say it here:

    1. Bath Built is Best Built. Always was, always will be.

    2. Wicked pissah.

  2. There was a Wisconsin shipyard that would challenge the Bath assertion. My first ship was built at Defoe in Bay City, MI, so I don’t have a dog in that fight. The entire class (Dealey) consisted 13 ships, with the first 3 built by Bath Ironworks. One of the Bath ships, Hammernerg, was with the two Defoe built ships, Courtney and Lester in CORTRON 8 in Naples, Italy. All three ships were of equal reliability. The ships would have been kept longer because of ITASS, but weapon Alpha had been removed back in the 60s when ASROC became the primary rocket assisted torpedo, and the mount went all the way to the keel, and the keel was buckling where the mount had been attached. The problem was discovered during an INSURV inspection the summer of ’73. October ’73 saw us leave Naples for the last time to take her home to put her out of her misery on 14 Dec 1973.

    We missed being sent back into the Med out of Rota when the Yom Kippur war lit off. We quickly got orders to continue to the US for decommissioning because of the warping keels. The Dealeys of CORTRON 8 were the last to go. A couple had been decommed about a week ahead of us. RIP Courtney 1956-1973.

  3. Manitowoc Shipbuilding, maker of the best subs in WWII? The BALAOs built in Manitowoc were so much superior to the subs built elsewhere, that they were known as the Cadillac Boats in the Fleet.

    1. I couldn’t remember the name. For some reason I misremembered Courtney being built in Wisconsin, but didn’t think that was right. I had to go out to the Courtney website to get it right.

      I think Manitowoc built other ships as well, but can’t remember for sure.

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