Iran Displays Captured Drone

From Euronews:


I can’t quite make out the color scheme on the drone.  Perhaps one of our Air Force readers can identify. Is that just plain old Army style desert CARC paint?   In some views (on other news stories) I see “School Bus Yellow.”

3 thoughts on “Iran Displays Captured Drone”

  1. On TV it appreaed to be the standard grey color.

    NIce to know we have such squared away people in charge, thanks for just pissing away our sealth technology and Lord knows what else, fellas.

  2. Remember about six months ago, there was some talk that the control freq’s might be comprimised and the AF said, “Tish Tosh, not to bother!”

    Dumbasses…and then not to have the guts to immediately dropped 2,000 pds of death and destruction on it…

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