LTG Boykin

You may remember LTG William G. Boykin as the crazed right-wing, Muslim-hating general who went around preaching that the War on Terror was a Crusade against the heathen Islamic hordes. At least, that was what the mainstream press told you.

I read his auto-biography. It’s a pretty interesting tale of one of the founding members of the Army’s elite Delta counter-terrorism unit. His story tells both of the roots of his faith, and his career in the shadowy world of Army Special Operational Detachment Delta.  Most of us are at least somewhat familiar with many of the operations he participated in, from the failed Operation Eagle Claw (the Iran hostage rescue attempt), Grenada, Panama, support for the hunt for Pablo Escobar, and the battle in Mogadishu that became known as “Blackhawk Down.”

It is also a textbook example of a mainstream media smear job, and shows the Army and the administration doing its best to disown a loyal servant, even when subsequent investigation shows the media hit job for the distortion it is.

It’s a quick and easy read, and light enough on jargon that non-military readers will have little challenge grasping the concepts.

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