Good Question.


Yeah, I know, back in the day, the barracks had beer machines. That was before my time. Besides, whisky is soooo much better than beer.

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  1. Ahhhh…..The barracks beer machine. I first encountered one when I was sent to Okinawa. Reportedly, the Japanese national who was responsible for filling ours would have one from each machine he filled. I don’t know how many that was, but he always seemed to be in a great mood.
    I never bought from the beer machine. A bottle of Gin from the package store seemed like a much more economical choice. And it lasted a whole lot longer. Usually, most of a Friday night or almost all of a Saturday. Depending on how many “good friends” were around.

  2. I remember those from Ft. Sherman. $0.10c a can and $0.25 for a pack of smokes. $2 was all it took to have a good night during Jungle Warfare School. At the end of one of those nights in Panama, my head ended up shaved and waxed.

  3. Or you could have gotten your daily ration of grog/rum/gin free from Her Britannic Majesty in the Royal Navy, but you guys choose the wrong service.

  4. Barracks beer machines…the bane of every 2LT staff duty officer in the 70s and early 80s!

    I hated those damn things!

    1. You could re-purpose a Coke machine. They still use em in Japan. Try the link below. It’s the Japanese eBay. It’s “powered by ebay” but is in Japanese. It accepts English search terms and returns are partially presented in English. It would help to know Japanese or use a browser that will do the translating for you.

  5. In the 80s at Mather AFB we had a beer machine in the squadron break room — that was until 4 B-52 gunners had a few beers while on alert. They would have gotten away with it except one gunner was playing up to the alert force controller when an aircraft commander who had just made major came in. The AC told the gunner to knock it off and the gunner replied in an improper manner. Then came the question “Have you been drinking?”

    From there things went downhill for everyone. Needless to say we didn’t have a beer machine anymore either.

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