Occupy DC Scene

Nearly every day I pass this scene on the way to work.


Always telling to see how those with a political bent will use a veteran status. Likewise to see how a veteran lets his/her status be used.

3 thoughts on “Occupy DC Scene”

  1. I’m gonna guess that the “medals” on the sign are not accurate, but look impressive. I’m curious also about “Michael Patterson, 21, who described himself as a war veteran from Alaska, loudly taunted officers just inches from their faces.” He claims to have been an interrogator right out of high school (http://www.prosebeforehos.com/article-of-the-day/11/12/veterans-bring-the-war-home-to-occupy-wall-street/) and tried to get kicked out as a conscientious objector, which failed, since he’s an atheist, so he smoked pot to get kicked out, which I assume makes his discharge in June something other than “honorable”.

    1. I didn’t see the video, but I had _read_ that a video made it appear that another protester threw the object that struck him. Also, for someone who was supposedly knocked senseless, photos that I did see showed him tweeting or texting while “injured”. Based on what others have said about the anti-Semitic, Marine Corps-hating nonsense he spouted on his web page (or blog?), knocking him senseless may not have required anything bigger than a spitwad.

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