The Infiltration Course

During the last phase of training at Ft. Benning School for Boys, we went out for a 3 day field problem. It was capped off by a 12 mile road march, and finally, the Infiltration Course. The Infiltration Course is a (rather tame) introduction to the sounds of battle. Low-crawling about 100 meters under live machine gun fire, while small explosive charges simulate mortar fire. It’s supposed to resemble a real fight. It doesn’t. And for all they stress about the importance of keeping your head down, once I got a look at how the machine guns were mounted, it became clear that Shaq would have had a hard time jumping high enough to get hit. I was tired and cold and not in a mood for crawling.  It’s not so much that I hated being tired and cold. I just didn’t find it very interesting or challenging.


The second half of the video is a bit more interesting, showing how grunts use a combination of Night Vision Goggles and laser illumination to provide accurate rifle fire at night.


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  1. My favorite part of the course was crawling on my back under the wire obstacle and watching the tracers overhead. It was like “Star Wars” lasers, and it was awesome.

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