Who is more trustworthy?

The Department of Homeland Security has been working on a trusted traveler registry to improve the wait times for airport screening. The House voted unanimously yesterday to add a preference system for the military, and I’m all for it. It makes no sense to trust a soldier with a M-16 to defend us, then turn around and treat him like a criminal with a pat-down and make him take off his boots and belt. I’m thinking of the shameful way Marine Corps General Joseph J. Foss and Navy Lieutenant John W. Finn were treated. Those are just a couple of incidents I remembered; I’m sure there are many more.

So thank you, Rep. Chip Cravaack of Minnesota. Any bets as to what the Senate will do?

H/T Washington Times

(Editor’s fix: Joe Foss was a major in the Marine Corps and a general in the South Dakota Air National Guard. The main point was that security at the Phoenix airport considered his Medal of Honor a suspicious weapon and made an 86-year-old war hero remove his boots, belt, and hat three times before he was allowed to board his plane.)

6 thoughts on “Who is more trustworthy?”

  1. I’m guessing the Senate does nothing. That’s their favored tactic, especially when something makes sense.

  2. Senate will block it, most likely.

    When Hubby was coming back from his first deployment, he was selected for a TSA fondling. The supervisor came over to exempt him, but by then, he had already removed his boots, belt, and ACU shirt. Oh, and his Purple Heart and Bronze Star, too.

    (inserts expletives here)

  3. Each time I returned to theater after R&R every single one of us getting on the plane at DFW to go back to Kuwiat en-route to our units in Iraq were required to put our bags on the X-Ray Machine, take off our boots and belts, etc.

    Coming home from Iraq I had to throw out a bunch of stuff because it didn’t meet the TSA guidlines on quantity, like shampoo. We also had to walk thought a metal detector, while passing our weapons around. They also took away people’s Gerbers on our chartered flight who continued to wield fully functional M-4s, M-9s and SAWs. Uber supidity = US Army + The Transportation Security Administration.

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