CDR Salamander: The Navy Abandons its Dead

We’ve all heard it; “We don’t leave our men behind.” “We will come back for you.” “You will not be forgotten.” Really?

We all see the ubiquitous POW/MIA flag, but does it really mean anything – does it have an experiation date?

via CDR Salamander: The Navy Abandons its Dead.

Apparently, yes.

It’s a very long post, but go read the whole thing.

I’ve been pretty uncommitted as to whether the Intrepid crew should be repatriated. But the conduct of CDR Richardson, as evidenced by her emails to the families of the fallen, is disgraceful.

In one of my civilian endeavors, I spent a lot of time dealing with angry relatives of the deceased.  I could never conceive of sending an email like hers.

And of course, John McCain has to show up, and make the wrong choice once again.

3 thoughts on “CDR Salamander: The Navy Abandons its Dead”

  1. McCain is simply a narcissistic A$$. That’s the only reason he ran for POTUS and took up the money of good people so he could betray them after he was nominated. It’s all about McCain everyday and all the way. That’s why his daughter is such an A$$ as well. She had his example while she grew up.

    There is little honorable about McCain anymore. He’s sullied his military record since he got into politics.

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