BLACKFIVE: M.O.H. Awardee Tells B.A.E. To Pound Sand

Two months ago, Dakota Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama for his service in Afghanistan, the military’s most prestigious award. On Monday, Sgt. Meyer alleged that a defense contractor has called him mentally unstable and a problem drinker, ruining his chances for a job in the defense industry.

via BLACKFIVE: M.O.H. Awardee Tells B.A.E. To Pound Sand.

BAE screwed the pooch here. ¬†Any PR consultant would have told them that if SGT Meyer wasn’t working out, they should strive to make the parting of the ways as amicable as possible.

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  1. In this case, I suspect it wasn’t BAE HR that’s the problem. I think it’s a sour and jealous supervisor who didn’t like Sgt. Meyer and wanted to poison the well for him.

    1. Oh, and well they should suffer. I won’t dispute that. There’s a reason my company has a policy that any inquiries into a former employee from a perspective employer are to be forwarded to HR. Regardless of if we liked them or not. I had one call asking to verify that a former co-worker had worked here (not how his performance was, just if he was employed by us). I had to forward the call on without comment. And I’d have given him a glowing recommendation. But policy is there for the company’s protection.

    2. While I was County Engineer, Ohio passed a law that protected companies telling the truth about an employee. I haven’t heard of it being tested in court, and given the idiocy of the courts I doubt anyone wants to test it. Since I was also HR director in my office I would have just stated they worked in my department and left it at that. It would have been nice if I’d had an HR section I could forward the call to, but, alas….

  2. It smacks of a smear job, just on the basis of calling the Marine a problem drinker, when he has never had any write ups at the workplace. I mean, just how do they KNOW he has a problem, if they have never witnessed it?

  3. Hard to believe that a company like BAE would be THAT stupid to open themselves to a lawsuit.

    When I entered the civilian workforce the company I now work for had extensive briefings on what would, could and could not be revealed about employees to outside parties and I don’t even work in HR.

    Something smells to high heavens about this story. Personally, I wouldn’t judge anyone in this till I find out ALL the facts.

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