I’ve got not one, but TWO dental appointments today. They shouldn’t be too painful.


It’s hard to get excited about posting stuff when I know I’m gonna be strapped in a chair and tortured.  We’ll just have to see how I feel later tonight.

Got any favorite dentist stories?

5 thoughts on “Ugh.”

  1. I had eight teeth pulled in one session (I know, XBrad, big whoop to you). I hate needles so I was firmly concentrating on the picture of the sailing ships in Charleston harbor on the wall as they started the sedation IV. I swear the sails ruffled in the wind, and the ships started moving. All I could think was, “That’s niiiiiiiiiiiice.”

  2. Growing up, my dentist was a very attractive woman who kept an office full of very attractive female dental hygienists. For some reason, I’ve never disliked going to the dentist.

  3. I recall my so-called orthodontist preparing my teeth for the braces. He was using the cleaning drill, the one that smooths the surface of the tooth, when it slipped and when under my gum.

    That was…. not good.

    1. I cringe just reading that. I got some gum chewed up one time that couldn’t be avoided. It did not feel good after the “caine” wore off. I still remember that day 16 years ago quite vividly.

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