One more Thanksgiving post

I’ve been following Bronco Brigade on Facebook because of my nephew, currently deployed in Afghanistan. They linked this Stars and Stripes article about what the troops are thankful for. I am thankful for the under-armor that absorbed the blast from an 80-lb. IED, too.

Also from Stars and Stripes, the Thanksgiving Day parade at Combat Outpost Garcia, complete with a Sherman tank float.

Ah, the creativity of the American soldier. 🙂

4 thoughts on “One more Thanksgiving post”

  1. I saw a South African Marauder on UK Top Gear; they did a field test with 7 pounds plastic explosive under the thing and same under a Hummer (the BIG one) — scraps left of the Hummer, the Marauder just drove away! It is big, maybe too big for most fast food drive-through windows, but works well for getting out of crowded parking lots. Check it out!

  2. Is the final float in that pic the twin towers? I listened to Alan Jackson’s “Where were you?” this morning and ten years hasn’t diminished the impact of that day or the mission of our fine young men in arms.

  3. I doubt we will get closure for the towers. We got it with the Japs because we whipped them completely then occupied their country for nearly 10 years before we signed a peace treaty with them. The equivalent today would require that we slaughter nearly a billion people.

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