The Fickle Finger


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The DA Form 6 is used as a duty roster.

So, back in the early 90s, I got stuck with the overnight Charge of Quarters duty at the company on Thanksgiving. Fair enough. Fast forward a month, and I got tapped for CQ for Christmas.

I took a loooong look at the DA 6 to make sure I wasn’t getting screwed.

Incredibly, the next year, the same thing happened. I had the duty on both holidays.

I went through an entire year’s worth of DA 6 trying to find an error. Nope.

4 thoughts on “The Fickle Finger”

  1. went to drill one weekend, and was told i had KP… no biggie.

    did my thing, and ran into the CO later that afternoon. he said in passing, “you know why you have KP today, right?” and i said, “because my ame came up on the duty roster, of course….”

    he then told me that no, i had been hand selected for KP both days because everyone else was getting ready for AT (i’d already done mine, pulling some crappy duty they’d needed done with regard to closing out the unit)

    i just told him that was interesting, but that if i got KP again anytime soon, i was going to be asking for a copy of the roster and taking it over to the division IG.

    i never pulled KP there again. of course, the three page memo i turned in the next day listing all the food handling issues and unsafe conditions in the kitchen area might have had something to do with that too.

    putting people who have taken, and aced, the Field Sanitation Team training course on KP can be a double edged sword. %-)

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