Sea Harrier Demonstration Flight

I (Craig) wanted to get this posted back when XBrad was working up his excellent Falklands set.  But I’ve been short of time to compile and post the video.  So… better late than never.


The video is from the October 2011 Culpeper (Virginia) Air Show.   AND yes I know it isn’t an AV-8.  Forgive me, I’m an Army type.  AND I’m not going to spend thirty minutes re-loading the video onto YouTube just to change one line in the opening splash screen.

Culpeper Air Show 163

The Harrier is the only civilian registered example of its type, operated by Nalls Aviation.

Culpeper Air Show 169

The show featured several high speed fly-bys, a low speed pass, and a hover pass.

Culpeper Air Show 170

As you can tell from the video, the Sea Harrier is not a quiet aircraft by any definition.  Nalls Aviation attends several airshows each year.  If you can make one of those… wear ear plugs….