Water on Europa

Roamy here. The big NASA press release yesterday was that there is the possibility of liquid water on the moon Europa. Europa’s unique in that it’s geologically smooth as a baby’s bottom. Many of the moons we’ve been able to explore are like ours, all pocked with meteor craters. Why is Europa different? Well, there’s a lot of ice and a lot of gravitational push and pull between Europa, Jupiter, and Jupiter’s other moons, especially Ganymede and Io.

Europa also has one of the highest albedos in our solar system, because of the smooth surface of ice.

Even though the Galileo spacecraft ended its mission in 2003, scientists are still sorting through all the data. This latest discovery indicates that Europa’s surface is a shell of ice over a lot of liquid water, there is more water on Europa than on Earth, and that there could be life there.

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