I’ve got a headache again, plus I’m moving furniture and cleaning carpets. And my next entry on continental air defense still needs to be written.

Roamy’s dodging T-storms and stuff.

Craig’s busy with work and his own blog.

Esli’s out of the loop for the time being.

Any of you out there have anything to add? Want to discuss something? Get something off your chest? Write a post?

8 thoughts on “Sooo….”

  1. Aggie, “Please don’t say napalm. It doesn’t work.” If you follow the directions, it will get rid of that spot of dirt. The only real issue, are the things it’ll clean up, too. <> The “Lady” is right.

  2. Jane Austen — still a bestseller 220 years into her career. There are whole industries based on prequels, sequels, parodies, extensions, etc., movies, you tube videos, blogs — all of which is FAR and away more fun than watching guys with guns blow up stuff. I do like the space stuff tho.

    When do we get to see “Laundry in the Field — An Army Perspective”? O how about “Square Formations — A New Life for An Old Idea”?

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