Whirleybirds, crushing cans, scattered satellites, and high velocity mollusks

Roamy here, with my 200th post on my one-year anniversary as co-blogger here. It doesn’t seem like I’ve put up that many posts, though some of those were “pic of the day” type or some ‘splodey from Weasel Zippers. Looking back, it’s kind of funny how tentative I was in the beginning, not wanting to break the blog, to the point where I chose to do Load HEAT but insisted on emailing all the photos to XBrad and making him put up the post. (Cobie Smulders, if you’d like to know.)

Over the last year, I’ve learned a LOT more about the military, and I understand exactly why comments make XBrad so happy. I’ve learned that the AIAA Daily Launch and War News Updates are great when you have writer’s block, not everyone shares my sense of humor, and that corn mazes and one particular photo of Jill Wagner generate amazing amounts of spam. I had a real-life friend join the fray as a commenter (waves at Bill), and Mr. RFH will now hand me a section of newspaper with the comment, “Blog fodder for ya.” (thanks, hon)

Thank you, XBrad, for letting me in on all the fun, and thank you, dear readers, for all your hits and comments. So, a little feedback poll?

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In case you were wondering, the high velocity mollusk story was an early post. Skippy still makes me laugh.

5 thoughts on “Whirleybirds, crushing cans, scattered satellites, and high velocity mollusks”

  1. Since I got to cast the first vote let’s close the polls now and declare the results as unanimous. No to frilly curtains, but the rest is doing fairly well.

  2. Can I select both “a” and “c”?

    Keep up the good work, Roamy. Other than the Jetsons and Lost in Space, you have taught me everything I know about our universe.

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