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  1. The story of that dam is everything that is wrong with how the environmentalists have this country and its economy by the nuts. So, what will replace the 1400mW power production of that dam? Oil? Coal? Heaven forfend. Not nukes or wind,either.

    Gotta love these people. Destroy the power generation that is the cleanest and then protest the means of replacing it.

  2. Dam no longer serves the higher purpose of power for the lumber mill; better to restore the river for the salmon and wildlife — AND much more economically attractive as a wild and scenic river! These little tiny dams on very short rivers were good back in their day, less so now.

    “In 1999, recognizing that Condit Dam had outlived its usefulness, the dam’s owner, Pacificorp, signed an agreement with more than 20 parties, including conservation groups, the Yakama Nation, government agencies and recreation groups to remove the dam and let the White Salmon River flow free.” American Rivers.

    From OCtober 12, 2011 Seattle Times:
    “You hate to see it go; it’s good, carbon-free energy,” said Tom Hickey, senior engineer for hydro resources for PacifiCorp. But Condit Dam is only one of 47 projects in the company’s hydro fleet, Hickey said, and it has other sources of power from wind to coal.

    Condit’s time simply had come.

    “To me, it’s like a grandfather,” said Larry Moran, project superintendent for JR Merit, lead contractor on the job. “It’s not an evil, it served a purpose well, and now it’s time to lay it to rest.”

    While a dam-busting frenzy may seem to be under way in the Northwest — and it is — the timing is a coincidence. All three dam removals — Glines Canyon and Elwha on the Elwha River, and Condit on the White Salmon — have been in the works for decades. Even dam busters agree it will be awhile before another big dam falls in the Northwest, such as the four structures on the Lower Snake River, long criticized by some as salmon killers and money wasters.”

    Next step: Free the Lower Salmon Four!

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