So, the temps outside here plummeted. Well, for here, it’s cold. And it’s raining. And that means drastic measures must be taken.


There are few pleasures greater than a good cup of cocoa on a cold night. Take a pack of MRE instant cocoa, mix with one or two sugar packets, one packet of MRE instant coffee and maybe a non-dairy creamer packet. Share with your battle buddy and spend the cup discussing how dumb your squad leader/platoon leader/company commander is and what a jerk your First Sergeant is.

My other favorite was the really crappy instant chicken noodle soup the cooks would occasionally send up for midnight rations.

And yes, as I write this, my footsies are wrapped in my poncho liner.

3 thoughts on “Brrr….”

  1. Yes. Cocoa very good, if it’s really cold.

    It’s going down in the high 20s at night here in the SE Mountains. Not really cold yet.

    As long as everyone is saying what a jerk Top is, he’s content. If there is someone in the Company who isn’t satisfied that Top is a jerk, he will prowl the camp until even that hold out is convinced.

    I used Para Cord quite a lot when I was a kid In Germany. Never saw the stuff in the Navy. Used it quite a lot again in Scouting, corrupting Young American Manhood in the proper ways of rigging in the field.

    I never used a tent while I was in BSA. I carried a plastic tarp and some homemade visclamps (made with miniature super balls and shower curtain rings) and para cord to erect it. I used my hiking staff as a pole at the head end, and another sheet of plastic as the floor. The only thing I had in my sleeping rig that was store bought for the purpose was my sleeping bag, and that, of course, was GI (and still use a GI sleeping bag). I would never use my poncho as a tent except in an emergency (I did show the boys how that could be done too)

    I used a small bit of duct tape on the shower curtain rings so the hooks wouldn’t be able to tear the plastic. The things worked just as well as store bought Visclamps. A knife or hand ax would make serviceable tent stakes, although I carried 6 wire tent stakes with me so I would have to hunt for anything when it was time to camp. Para cord held it all together.

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