NASA Prepares for Asteroid’s Close Pass by Earth

On Tuesday, November 8, at 6:28 p.m. EST, an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will soar past our planet at a distance closer than the Moon… and NASA scientists will be watching!

via NASA Prepares for Asteroid’s Close Pass by Earth.

I’m stealing Roamy’s schtick for a moment.

Oh, and…




10 thoughts on “NASA Prepares for Asteroid’s Close Pass by Earth”

  1. You know, -1 lunar orbit isn’t a near miss. In astromical terms, it’s a freakin’ graze. If it hits, pray for a land strike…no one want’s that much superheated water in the atmosphere; the ejecta splashing back down will be bad enough.

  2. Asteroids? Those damn things itch something fierce. You gotta keep ointment on ’em.

  3. Palm Springs? It might be worth the extra effort to nudge it over to Amboy. Them devil wurr-shippers shouldn’t complain about another crater. The ones that survive, anyway.

    1. I was thinking our host lives not too far from Palm Springs and that he might come up and whine about it.

      Actually if something like that were to hit in SoCal I’d be seeing effects in Western NC. For y’all out there the effects would have a very short time span for data collection.

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