Video Twofer

The first one is relatively short. Some old time (1964) footage of F-4B’s and C’s from McDonnell.


Next up, Clark Gable does a bit of World War II propaganda. Gable served as a gunner in the 8th Air Force. Yes, he flew missions. While Jimmy Stewart served as a pilot in the Mighty Eighth, Gable was mostly there as a recruiting tool, convincing young men to volunteer to serve as aerial gunners.


4 thoughts on “Video Twofer”

  1. “P-47’s will escort you to about this point on the way in, and Spit-9’s will meet you about here on the way out.” (shudder) You know where the Me-109’s and FW-190’s were waiting.

  2. “Huh? Wha’? Is it over, already?” I am sad that any video could be so slow that it would make my phavorite airplane seem boring. Watching the Phantom video took all the self-discipline I could muster up. I recommend you skip to the end and watch from 12:30 to 13:10 to see a nice low-level bomb drop on a couple stationary trucks, and a rocket pod emptying. Everything else is so-so at best. Someone fire the narrator, too!

  3. Gable was sent over mostly to film missions in the air. He brought home about 50K feet of film. I’ve got a DVD which has one of the films about the time he spent with the 8th AF. He filmed every aspect of the lives of an aircrew, including R&R.

    He did man a gun a couple of times for recruiting propaganda purposes, but that was incidental to the larger mission.

    The big thing is he flew the missions at the time that 8th AF was taking very serious losses. It took pretty big stones to do what he did. Makes the current Hollywood crop look like sissies.

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