Guilty Pleasures

**covers face in shame**

I actually am enjoying “Bar Rescue” and “Restaurant Impossible.”

When I was stationed in Germany, AFRTS was the only English channel available, and it was awful. Friends and family would often send us VHS tapes of shows from the states. The best parts? Real commercials instead of PSAs reminding you not to beat your wife and kids, bounce checks or abandon your car.

Anyway, I love, LOVE crappy television.

What are your guilty pleasures?

6 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. I still have VHS tapes (somewhere in storage) of MTV videos that family members sent over. We LIVED on VHS tapes of everything… anything really. Movies, cartoons (the kids were very young), music videos. And surprisingly we still have most stored somewhere I’m sure. And I’ve no idea why…

  2. When we lived over there AFTV was OK. They used to have “commercials” of new miltech. I saw my first C-4 demo on TV out of Ramstein AFB. The TV shows were OK too. Most TV shows we saw were a bit behind what was on in the states (we didn’t get Lost in Space or Star Trek at all because the production company didn’t want to sign away payment for them). The only thing we missed was first run ball games, but the service ball games were more important to us anyway.

    That was the late 50s early 60s, then late 60s. Can’t speak to things after that. We didn’t get anything in Naples, Italy, so don’t whine too loud.

    AFN radio wasn’t the best, but they had shows for every music taste to be fair. I hear they had Rush Limbaugh later.

  3. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

    The show would have accurately been called “idiotic” by my Dad, but I can’t help but laugh.

  4. In the 1980’s on Guam, the TV was broadcast exactly one week late from its original showing in SoCal. Of course that caused some problems if anyone had seen a game and started a running commentary on what was to happen. The TV broadcast tapes were then sent to other islands where it was again broadcast two, three or four weeks late.

    While we were stationed Germany during the 1990’s one of my stateside buddies complained about the poor commercials broadcast back home. I sent him two hours of really bad AFN commercials. He never mentioned commercials again.

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