Space pic of the day

Roamy here. On October 24th, a coronal mass ejection from the Sun led to some spectacular auroras visible in the United States. A Defense Meteorological Satellite (DMSP) provided this image of the geomagnetic storm.

A gallery of ground images is here.

Reader Avidus just mentioned the impact of weather on the battle of Agincourt; the DMSP program has been providing weather data for military planning since the 1960’s. While the GOES weather satellites are, by their very name, in geosynchronous orbit, the DMSP satellites and also the NOAA-17 and -18 satellites are in sun-synchronous, polar orbits, which are much lower in altitude and can show greater detail.

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  1. We were able to see it here in Virginia.
    I heard a report on NPR from an astronomy professor in Georgia who had his class out observing that evening and they saw it that far South.

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