D’Oh! And a belated “Thank You”

I have received a most excellent early birthday present. And didn’t even know it.  Some time ago, a  friend of Roamy’s sent me a DVD he’d made for me. Somehow, I set it aside and it slipped my mind. I kinda have to be in the right mood to watch documentaries, so I intended to savor it when the time was right.

So, imagine my surprise today, when I slipped the DVD into the optical drive, and found out it wasn’t a video. It was the Army Green Books, the World War II History of the United States Army.

It’s going to take me years and years to finish reading these. In fact, that’s pretty bad news for you, gentle reader. I get so engrossed reading research, I forget I’m supposed to write!

So thanks, belatedly, to Big D for such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

4 thoughts on “D’Oh! And a belated “Thank You””

  1. You will have to teach Sox to type, so he can post for you on slow days. “Feline thoughts on passing possums”, things like that.

  2. oh man, the ENTIRE Army Green Book series?!?!

    now THAT is a present to be treasured.


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