Can I take one home? Just one?

A breathtaking sight…

Media day

Caption: Media Day – The 19th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, along with the 837th Transportation Battalion, hosted a media day with Republic of Korea
local television and print media at Pier 8, Pusan, Oct. 12. The U.S. Army Prepositioned Stock IV is receiving upgraded Bradley Fighting Vehicles as an ongoing effort to strengthen readiness across the peninsula.

2 thoughts on “Can I take one home? Just one?”

    1. My first Bradley experience was on A2s. We married up with our equipment on 1FEB91. I’d never even seen a Bradley before (I was attached from my parent unit to one that had already been through NET).

      My next unit was A1 equipped, and I went through NET there and transitioned from 11B to 11M then.

      And later we went to NTC and got to play with the DynCorp A0’s.

      Apparently, the Army Modernization Program didn’t like me.

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