Army Builds First of New Brigades To Train Foreign Militaries

Many inside the Beltway feared the mission, in which American special forces would support Ugandan forces in their war against the Lord’s Resistance Army, could be a first step into a protracted conflict in Africa.

But advise and assist missions like the one in Uganda may become the new normal for the U.S. military, as the Pentagon tries to find a way maintain the military’s global presence in the face of massive budget cuts.

These types of missions, by and large, are much cheaper to conduct compared to full-blown combat operations. They also allow U.S. forces to retain footholds in a number of global hot spots without sustaining and having to pay for a large force presence.

via Army Builds First of New Brigades To Train Foreign Militaries.

One of Esli’s first posts here was about the structure of these Advise and Assist Brigades. My poor access means I can’t find it, but you should be able to search for it here. (Roamy sez: found it, linked it.)