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I’m utterly incapable of folding a fitted sheet. Just can’t do it. I just end up rolling up the fitting sheet, and putting the very neatly folded top sheet and pillow cases on top of it in the linen closet. On the other hand, making hospital corners is not at all a challenge for me. I kind of wish I could find decent sets of sheets without fitted sheets.

Is shoe shining a dying art? I’ve been shining my own shoes (and boots) since I was what? 14? I was never particularly good at it, but I never got gigged on my shoes. How many kids today can shine a pair of shoes? Heck, how many have a pair that need to be shined? You can’t really practice on a pair of Reeboks. I’m wondering if that’s why the Army went to rawhide boots.

I don’t mind sweeping, mopping or vaccuming, nor doing the laundry or the dishes. Why then do I so detest dusting?

I miss the stainless steel sinks and shower stalls we had in the barracks in Hawaii. With a little scouring powder and elbow grease, you could really make those things shine. The modern stuff… meh, you can get it clean, but you can’t make a statement with it.

Do Army units still do School of the Soldier (aka SOS or School on Saturday)? In the past, for minor infractions worthy of more than personal counseling (an ass chewing, that is) but not to a level of the paperwork of formal punishment, wayward troops were often offered the opportunity to partake in a full day of “remedial training” on Saturday, usually once a month. Fun stuff like getting up a the crack o’dawn, PT till you dropped, full equipment inspections, dress uniform inspections, some classes on military courtesy (since that was often where the wayward soldiers failings were) and other tasks. See, you cannot award punishment without going through formal channels. You CAN, however, order additional military instruction after normal duty hours without any formalities. And if that training just happens to make Private Snuffy miserable, so be it.  I’m not sure why some Private dumb enough to be insubordinate to his Sergeant really needs  instruction on digging an individual fighting position (and what better way to learn, than by doing, on a Saturday, in full uniform, helmet, and load carrying equipment!), but I know I never felt a burning desire to squeeze in just that bit of extra training.  The only real problem with SOS was, as an NCO, I really didn’t want to give up my Saturday to watch some idiot dig a hole. I like to think I was creative enough to find other ways of making miscreants miserable, all while staying well within the bounds of lawful military discipline (mostly) and keeping petty offenses away from the official military justice system. There’s a place for that system. But an NCO who can’t solve problems on his own isn’t much of an NCO. 

What’s the perfect setting for the thermostat? I’m a big fan of 78 degrees? You? And if you tell me to wear a sweater, I’ll cut you. I hate sweaters.

I want to take a moment to say thanks to Craig, Esli, and of course, Roamy, for helping keep the content flowing here. I’m still having access problems (don’t worry, Load HEAT has already been scheduled for the next 3 weeks!), and sitting down to write is a … well, the motivation to write is often there,but the muse appears to be on vacation sometimes.

For years, the ladies at my church’s book club fed me well, so eventually, I offered to make the dinner. Spaghetti. They RAVED about the meal. They begged me for the recipe.

I hated to admit that it was Prego, Costco noodles and meatballs. Not a thing added…

We need a new Key Control NCO here. I have a ring of about half a dozen keys that I have NO idea what they go to. I haven’t used them in years.  But I just know that if I toss ‘em, I’ll find a lock that uses one almost instantaneously.

What’s you favorite new show of the fall season? I’m grooving on Person of Interest, Unforgettable, and… well, I’m also getting hooked on some British crime dramas.

What’s your biggest disappointment of the new fall season? That is, what new show did you have high hopes for that failed to meet them? I mean, I love crappy CW television. Ringer and The Secret Circle. I knew they were gonna be crappy, but both of them were even crappier than I though they would be. You? Lemme know.

Who’s the hottest chick on television today?

Ladies, who’s the hottest guy?

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  1. No, they no longer do school of the soldiers, which is a shame. Not only did it fix wayward soldiers, it also taught young NCOs how to push soldiers, which is just as important. In my opinion, the junior and inexperienced NCOs often let the conditions develop that result in soldiers mouthing off, etc. Then here comes the PSG, wanting an AR15 for something that should have been nipped in the bud long ago. I am hoping that SOS becomes legal in the next six months.

    1. It usually is. But in this case, I refer to an Article 15, or non-judicial punishment imposed by a company or battalion commander. It can involve the commander imposing punishment, including various combinations of reduction in rank, forfeiture of pay, restriction to the barracks, and extra duty (working until midnight every day, including weekends) for up to 45 days (only 14 for company commanders). Unimaginative commanders routinely default to “maxing” the punishment, but it can be a powerful tool if used properly.

  2. 1. I can’t fold one, either. My SIL *irons* her sheets. If the sheets are clean and I’m not short-sheeted (my dad loved doing that), I’m good.

    2. More dust in the desert? A goofy-looking feather duster?

    3. My daughter’s Catholic school has one nun left. If detention isn’t working, there is “Pride Time” with Sister, where the misbehaving student is her flunky. An hour of crushing cans for recycling, picking up garbage around the campus, or something equally dirty and tedious does wonders for the smart-mouth.

    4. 73 degrees, but everyone else in the house is cold.

    5. You’re welcome.

    6. I still have one set of car keys for cars I no longer own.

    7. David Boreanaz

  3. 1. I can’t fold fitted sheets either. That’s why I have a wife.
    2. That’s why we hired a housekeeper. Avoids the dusting issue.
    3. We homeschool. Bad behavior gains you pooper scooping in the dog yard.
    4. 68 degrees is where we keep the thermostat. Not because we’re cheap, mainly because we spend winters dressed like Eskimos and it’s a comfortable temp for the base layer.
    5. Surprised you didn’t make them Mac n Cheese and Spam.
    6. I still have keys for the Scout boat and hall.
    7. We like the 2 1/2 Men re-tooling. 2 Broke Girls isn’t so bad. Unforgettable didn’t hold our interest past the first couple episodes.
    8. Emily Deschanel

  4. Church ladies are still cooking up a storm, and we have 3 new ones in the Bookies — including one who is simply spectacular at lemon bars. She made a rum cake that was the best delight to hit the mouth in many a day. I made and served Norma a bowl of genuine quoina/beef stew mush tonight, so my church lady credentials are pretty shaky right now.

  5. 1) The secret to fitted sheets is to grab them by the tops of the sewn edges and fold as if that were the actual corner. It still won’t come out crisp like a flat sheet, but it’s how to do it “right”.
    2) Because dusting is a mostly useless chore unless you actually vacuum up the dust. Otherwise you just end up pushing the dust to somewhere else.
    3) SoS wasn’t something official when I was in (92-97). I did have one squad leader give me some “corrective uniform inspections” because he did not like my performance at a Soldier of the Month board he volunteered me for (not that I’m still bitter about it or anything <.<).
    4) We've got one of those dual temperature thermostats. So ours is set on 68-78.
    5) Never be ashamed to hand out recipes, especially when it involves store bought ingredients. You just saved those ladies a lot of work brand shopping (and cooking).
    6) I have a second keyring I keep in a cabinet that has all the unidentified keys on it. If I cannot immediately ID what a key is for, it goes on that keyring. If I find a lock I don't have a key for on my main ring, I get out the one from the cabinet.
    7) I hardly watch TV at all. So I've got no idea about what new shows are out there.
    8) Hands down, Christina Hendricks. Some may be prettier, some may be svelter, some very (very) few may be even more "endowed" shall we say. But none have the total package that she brings to the table.

  6. #1– Of course I know how to fold a fitted sheet. I can also fold a round tablecloth. If it’s such a PITA, I suggest purchasing separate sheets instead of a set.

    #2– All three of my kids know how to shine shoes. Hubby saw to it.

    #3– I’ll do the dusting for you if you do the laundry for me. I hate laundry.

    #4– 78* F is primo.

    #5– I think the ladies were very grateful to have a nice man cook for them. I know I would have been raving over roasted lizard soup.

    #6– We have 18 keys on a ring. Hubby is the Keymaster. No, we have no gate to keep.

    #7– I just stick with Psych and Burn Notice and Justified. I can barely keep up with anything else.

    #8– Hottest chick on TV? No clue, really. Hottest guy?? Nick Searcy (he better be reading this).

    1. Hahahah. He’s an FB friend, but I don’t think I’ve ever sent him a link here. I did send him a link to H2. I was a bit surprised I wasn’t unfriended.

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