6 thoughts on “Howitzer blast”

  1. Roamy, your husband is a lucky man. I mean, his wife can identify the howitzer and the projectile? And finds a picture of the projo in flight just beyond the muzzle brake? *SIGH*

    You don’t have any twin sisters, do you? In the market for a ruggedly handsome cannon cocker from our Nation’s finest?

  2. LOL, Ultima, no, I copied that off the original Weasel Zippers post. I stink at identification. There’s shooty, big shooty, and bigger shooty, but that just means I appreciate someone who does know all the more..

    No twins, one sister who is nothing like me, though there might be a doppelganger or two out there. Sorry!

    1. Oh well! Was worth the asking!

      Just looking for someone who would swoon because I used the term “bourrelet”, because she thinks I know French and that’s romantic! And would think that having my M28 Fuze Setter as the centerpiece in the living room would be tasteful.

    2. So’s bombardier, grenadier, fusillade, fourragère, aiguillette and a bunch more. I’m married to another engineer, I’m not used to romance.

      I looked up the M28 fuze setter. How about a hand towel rack for the bathroom?

  3. I’m pretty good, and know a Triple Seven when I sees ’em, but even I can’t tell that blur in the upper right is an Excalibur…

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