Saturday morning random thoughts

Roamy here, holding the fort until XBrad gets some internet access. Just thinking out loud this morning over a second cup of coffee.

1. I hope to have some homecoming pics of my nephew to post here soon.

2. I’m putting together a care package for my other nephew who’s still in Afghanistan. What was the best thing you ever got in a care package?

3. I don’t quite know what to think of our sending troops to Uganda. My feeling is that we have enough on our plate as it is. I understand the humanitarian aspect of the mission but tend to think that that’s what the UN is for, right? (I’ll wait until you quit laughing.)

4. Speaking of the UN, I KNOW I don’t want to pay nearly half a billion dollars for them to squat on more real estate in NYC. Move ’em to Geneva.

5. Mike Durant has a speaking engagement near here later this month.

6. Also speaking here later this month is retired Marine Corps Gen. Jim Jones at a fundraiser luncheon for Support Wounded Warriors Week. I’ll definitely be following up on that.

Your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Saturday morning random thoughts”

  1. 1. Glad he is home
    2. Beef jerky. The real stuff. My mom got it from her butcher shop.
    3. I think it’s it’s O.K. as long as they have more than enough support and clear and unrestrictive rules of engagement. The U.N. No way.
    4. I say move the U.N. to Pluto.
    5. I just watched that movie with my teenage son. Hearing him speak would be an honor.
    6. Semper Fi!

  2. 1– Praise God he’s home!
    2– Hubby loved getting junkfood.
    3– It’s only illegal when a Republican is in charge.
    4– Move the UN to Somalia. They still need a government.
    5 and 6– You are very lucky. I wish I had the opportunity to go!

  3. Underwear, socks, and powder. Rubbing alcohol for the sand flies ’cause there was never enough calamine at the aid station.

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