A little thin…

The ISP is being crotchety, so I’ve got limited access to the net. Theoretically, this should mean I’ve got more time to draft stuff, but in reality, it just doesn’t work that way. I end up playing Jane’s Fleet Command, which is fun, but doesn’t generate content.

Roamy’s gonna try to cover for me some, and hopefully Craig can get caught up with his IRL stuff (and his own excellent blog) and post the artillery stuff he promised.

In the meantime, feel free to blab away in the comments. You can help yourself to the liquor cabinet, but that’s just because I drank everything but the vermouth and the blue curacao.

3 thoughts on “A little thin…”

  1. *Great*, he leaves us the keys to the liquor cabinet, then we find out it’s empty. Is he trying to send us a suggestion?

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