Birthday Battlefield History

Dear readers, my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks. Three interesting battles on that same day as my natal anniversary. Which would you like me to provide a thumbnail sketch of?

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9 thoughts on “Birthday Battlefield History”

  1. Have to give some love to the battle that gave us the phrase “a think red streak tipped with a line of steel” as well as the charges of the Light and Heavy Brigades (one more successful than the other).

  2. I’m partial to Agincourt. Any battle that the French got beat that badly in can’t be bad!
    Had a chance to walk the ground there once. Not surprisingly, the French have not done a good job of memorializing it… At some point, they even changed the name of the town.

  3. DAMMIT!

    I was just putting together a post for USNI with the premise that October 25th was the date with the most significant historical battles and events!!!

    Yes, Agincourt 1415. Samar and the end in Surigao Strait, 1944. Balaclava, 1854. And some others:

    Operation Urgent Fury (Grenada) 1983.
    Battle of Santa Cruz (25-26 Oct) 1942.
    Overthrow of the Menshevik provisional government, St Petersburg 1917.
    USS United States defeats HMS Macedonian 1812.
    Recapture of Fort Douaumont (Verdun) 1916.
    William the Conqueror crowned 1066.

    Ahh well. Happy birthday.

  4. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy! Happy Birfday Brad!

    I can’t choose between the three, there are so good and important. So, I choose all three.

    And, since you’re retired, get to work!

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