10 Years of War in Afghanistan

It’s been 10 years since the US invaded Afghanistan, and began the challenge of defeating the Taliban. ¬†While Al Qaeda has been virtually eliminated there, the Taliban insurgency still continues.

As long as Pakistan, for its own reasons, provides sanctuary to Taliban fighters in western Pakistan, there will be no successful conclusion to the war.


3 thoughts on “10 Years of War in Afghanistan”

  1. What would be the most cost-efficient way of dealing with Pakistan? Namely just getting them to cease support for the Taliban?

    Do we have to resort to utterly destroying the Pakistani state?

  2. The Paks have the appearance of a state, but not much else. The country is so fragile that it would take little to push it over the edge. Cutting off aid would do it.

    Personally, I’d withdraw the troops then cut off aid to the Paks. They are not our friends and have not been for a very long time.

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