Marines To Test Lockheed’s Drone Helicopter In Afghanistan

The Marine Corps is taking the use of unmanned air systems to the next level, deploying pilotless cargo helicopters to Afghanistan to test their ability to supply troops in the field without trucks facing the risk of deadly IEDs.



via Marines To Test Lockheed’s Drone Helicopter In Afghanistan.

The Kmax is an interesting little helicopter. Kaman always makes interesting helicopters.

I am, however, skeptical of the utility of making it an unmanned platform for remote resupply. If this is primarily a technology demonstration for possible future development, fine.  But in the short term, resupply by normal helos will remain the norm.

I’ve often wondered if the Kmax wouldn’t be better suited for use on the Navy’s MSC ships as a VERTREP platform. It’s certainly cheaper than the MH-60S used now.