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Collective training that challenges soldiers and embraces technology is coming to your post. Commanders, it will be your job to see that it is done right.

That is the message of Gen. Robert Cone, commanding general of Training and Doctrine Command, as he lays out the vision for 21st-century training.

“The world as we have known it for 10 years … will change on New Year’s Eve,” Cone told a packed house attending the Maneuver Conference outside Fort Benning in mid-September. The New Year brings with it a transition out of Iraq and a sweeping return to training for unified operations in the full spectrum, specifically offensive, defensive and stability operations. Expect a lot of training in leadership principles, the profession of arms, autonomous squad operations, combined arms maneuver and wide-area security.

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Interesting article. Two major takeaways. First, the swing back from a COIN focus with brigades tending to prep for their next deployment, with an extremely focused set of training tasks, back to a generic full-spectrum training schedule.

Secondly, the complaint that commanders have declined ownership of training. I’m pretty sure there’s any number of leaders who don’t subscribe to GEN Cone’s description. Having said that, if brigade tells battalion what it’s Mission Essential Task List is gonna be, there’s only so much ownership the battalion commander has.

There’s another tiny tidbit that was interesting. The idea of placing a specific geographic focus on training for individual brigades. The Army has any number of officers who serve as experts in specific geographical areas. Rotating them back to units, or having them serve as subject matter experts, to prep units for possible deployment to a specific region makes sense. The units would still have to be prepared to deploy anywhere, anytime, but if you can get a leg up on the most likely area, why not?

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  1. GEN Cone was dead on when he said that commanders didn’t own training. It is not apathy on their part, but the inability to have any say whatsoever in their unit’s training. Training has been geared to a drive-through mentality for years now. You are told what to train, when to train it, and usually other people show up to train you in the form of mobile training teams, etc. There is very little latitude for individual unit training plans. CDRs can influence the quality of their unit training, but not so much what or when they train it.

    Of note, you are seeing some of the vebiage of the army’s new operating concept here, which is the replacement of Full Spectrum Operations with “Decisive Action,” which actually looks and sounds very similar to FSO, but with some new verbiage like “Combined Arms Maneuver/Wide Area Security.” The first doctrinal manual, now called ADP (Army Doctrinal Publication) 3-0 will hit the streets next week, implementing this. According to Doctrine 2015, we’ll have replaced all current manuals with pretty much a new system, by the end of the that year.

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