First F-35B Landing at Sea

We’ve long been a critic of the F-35B Short Take Off/Vertical Landing variant of the Joint Strike Fighter program.

Yes, the AV-8B is long in the tooth, and the Marine F/A-18s are wearing out fast. But the thought of a $150mm supersonic, ultra-high tech jet for close air support of Marines on the ground is silly. Further, the technical demands of the STOVL capability compromised the other two variants of the F-35.

Having said that, here’s video of the first B model making a vertical landing on board USS Wasp.


Via Blackfive, who also has plenty of pics of the event. 

2 thoughts on “First F-35B Landing at Sea”

  1. My problem with VSTOVL, is, especially in this case, Very complicated, and if anything at all interferes with the, whatever they call the virtical system. That plane might not be able to find a haven on which to land. I guess it could be refueled until it finds a landing sight, but LHD’s are very small, at least in terms of landing and take of area.

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