I’ve got zip today. No motivation to write, and none of my usual haunts have anything that I feel like stealing linking.

What do you feel like talking about today?

2 thoughts on “Nuttin’”

  1. We had a chaplain when I was a very young LT… One morning the poor guy was laid out during PT by another platoon leader in the BN, who hit him about as hard as 5’9″ of solid-muscled, ex-Old Miss football player can hit a soft, older, and stationary chaplain who was looking into his arms with some surprise at the ball he had just caught. The chaplain didn’t move for about 5 minutes, at which time he got up, walked off, and never came back to PT again. This was the same one who showed up for his own “hail and farewell” in dress blues (back when that’s what we called them…), because he was told that was the uniform by a prankster. Not only did he show up about an hour late (parking can be tricky in Savannah), but he was the only one in blues. He walked in, looked around, and walked out, never to come to another one. I don’t even think he showed up for his own farewell.
    And, yes they have airborne chaplains, my old squadron chaplain did his first chaplaincy in the 82nd.

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