Ig Nobel Peace Prize

Roamy here. The Ig Nobel Prizes are a spoof of the real Nobel Prizes, meant to pique interest in the sciences as well as make you laugh. It’s held every year at Harvard with real Nobel Prize winners sharing in the festivities. Some of the previous winners are Ivette Bassa, the inventor of bright blue Jello, Yuri Struchkov, for writing 948 scientific papers in one decade, Donald L. Unger, who cracked the knuckles on one hand but not the other every day for 50 years as a possible cause of arthritis, and Edward A. Murphy, Jr. of Murphy’s Law fame.

This year’s Ig Nobel Peace Prize winner is Arturas Zuokas, the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania, who demonstrated that “the problem of illegally parked luxury cars can be solved by running them over with an armored tank.” (Youtube commenter says it’s a BTR-60 armored personnel carrier. Readers?)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-fWN0FmcIU&w=420&h=315]

And here I thought any problem could be solved with a suitable application of high explosives.

11 thoughts on “Ig Nobel Peace Prize”

  1. One assumes the background music playing, while he picked up his award was ….

    “Tanks for the Memories”

    (thank you, I’ll be here all night! Don’t forget to tip your waitress and try the veal.)

    1. Heh. Good one, especially since I listened to the original “Thanks for the Memories” from “The Big Broadcast of 1938” for the first time just this morning. Dolores Hope recently passed away, and Mark Steyn linked back to his original Ave atque vale for Bob Hope.
      All the times I heard Bob Hope sing it, I never knew the background or how bittersweet it really is.

  2. Yep, BTR. Or, since it is really just a target, I would say it, “Gunner, HEAT, PC” (or, since I would probably have sabot loaded, it would actually be “Gunner, sabot, PC,” folllowed by “fire, fire HEAT”). Either way, the result is one BTR reduced to scraps….

  3. I’ve always like the Ig Nobel awards. My favorite is for lighting grills at Purdue. Not satisfied with lighting a grill and having usable coals in 3 minutes (acetylene torch method) a Professor of Computer Engineering decided to use a lit cigarette, 40 lbs of briquettes, and 5 gallons of LOx. 30 seconds later, after incinerating a cheap grill, if you chose not use something substantial, you would have 3 lbs of coals. The fire department told him not to do it again.

    Engineers are often wack jobs. I know, since I are one.

    1. QM, that grill and LOX method was the first time I saw something over the internet.
      My favorite IG Nobel was for the sex in an NMR chamber. The original paper was a hoot. The principle author was an ex-gymnast, and IIRC, none of the men involved could perform under the experimental conditions. They used scientists, not Naval aviators, A-gangers, Armor mechs, or Marines.
      I laughed and laughed at their experimental methods write-up. My science experiments were not so entertaining.
      They used scientists, not Naval aviators, A-gangers, Armor mechs, or Marines.

    1. I think the last grill in the clip is the reason the fire department told him to stop. As I recall, that was at a city park.

      It does get you coals quick, though. Not an optimum use of resources, given the amount you have to start with. You could use less LOx, however. Personally, I’ll stick with my chimneys. I don’t even need lighter fluid with those and 20 minutes later I’m ready to cook.

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